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    Home Is Where the Heart Is

    Today’s prompt is an easy one for me and as soon as I read it, I knew in an instant what my answer would be. It asks the question, what special item

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    A Grand Celebration

    Yesterday was Father’s Day, and I was happy to watch as our children paid “homage” to my husband, their father, on his special day. But in a way, I was

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  • stephcello4

    My Pride and Joy

    If you ask just about any mother in the world the thing she is most proud of, I think you’ll find that she’ll answer without hesitation that it is her children. I’m

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  • Mom Wedding pic 3

    My Beloved Mother

    Today is my mother’s birthday, and although she is no longer with us,  I know that she watches over her family with love from heaven.  She has always remained alive

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  • joey-at-16-months-old

    God Bless You My Child

    It was January 21, 1984.  I’ll never forget that day as long as I live.  It was the day we brought our little Joey home.  He was only eight weeks

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  • Lucy on couch

    There’s No Place Like Home

    The other day I realized I needed to renew my driver’s license. Believing that there’s no time like the present, I proceeded to go ahead and take care of the renewal

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  • Stephanie and Sarah as little girls

    My Little Blossom

    As I’ve written before, I have three children: one son and two daughters, and I’m proud of each and every one of them. Joe, our oldest, has long since left

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  • mom-dad-uncle-kris-grandma-grandpa-playing-cards2

    A Special Connection

    A couple of months ago I received some very sad news about my Uncle Kris. I was told that he has lung cancer. He’s well into his eighties, and though

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  • Sarah and axel

    Daughter Dear

    Today’s blog entry is going to be about a subject that is dear to my heart: our oldest daughter Sarah. The first wedding among our three children will take place

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  • Dad taking a nap

    I Remember You, Daddy

    Last night I suffered through another bout of insomnia, a malady to which I’m no stranger. It seems the older I get, the more often I have to face this

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You Don’t Know What You’ve Got Til It’s Gone

Why do we work? Well, if we think about this question carefully and answer truthfully, most of us will answer that we work to earn a living in order to pay for things like a roof over our head, clothes on don't knowour backs, and food to eat. But how many of us really, I mean really enjoy our work enough that we would do it even if we weren’t paid for it? Let me tell you a story.

For twenty-five years I worked full-time at a local hospital. I was a registered nurse, working in a busy operating room where we performed many different surgeries – from tonsillectomies to brain surgery. There were many emergency surgeries and I could not even tell you the number of times when I was part of a surgical team that saved a patient’s life. My work could be very awesome and rewarding; it could also be very stressful.

I led a very busy life. Every day, after working an eight-hour shift at the hospital, I would rush home to my “other” job as wife and mother. Our three children kept my husband and me very busy. We had to chauffeur them to all their activities, wherever they may be. Our children were involved in many activities from sports to dancing and music lessons. We spent hours upon hours in hockey arenas, on baseball and football fields, in dance and karate studios and in gymnasiums for gymnastic classes. I cannot even count the number of times we attended boy scout and girl scout meetings, school plays, orchestra concerts, and cello recitals. Our children loved these extracurricular activities and we felt they helped to make our children well-rounded. In addition, my husband and I were active members in our church, and we volunteered for many ministries. We were so busy; and now, many years later, it is all just a blur to me.

It was during this time, while our children were growing up, when I fervently wished I did not have to work. I really wanted to be a stay-at-home mom instead. I told my husband of my feelings, and so we sat down and took stock of our financial situation. After much juggling here and there, we still could not find a way to make this a reality. Our finances just could not support my wish of being a stay-at-home mom. I couldn’t even cut back to part-time! So I accepted this fact and begrudgingly went about the business of being a full-time working wife and mother.

Then a few years later, when our youngest was in high school, our world came crashing down. I was diagnosed with a serious illness which soon took its toll. After several attempts of working even though I was ill, I just could not do it anymore. It was simply too painful to continue working. I became medically disabled. My wish had finally come true – I could not work any more, not even part-time.

It was not long before I discovered that staying home from work was not all it was cracked up to be; especially if you were sick and in bed most of the time like I was. Truth be told –  I missed my work; I missed my friends; I missed the busy schedule; and my husband and I really missed the salary I had been making.

And now, instead of waking up every morning, jumping out of bed, and getting ready for work, here I am –  sick at home with the days stretching out before me with really nothing to do. I am so lonely sometimes I go into an internet chat room just to have someone to talk to. And talk about being bored to tears! I have cried so many times and have often wondered why I have been given this lot in life. Now I know it is just part of our heavenly Father’s plan, but sometimes this fact is not so consoling.

With all this time on my hands, I do a lot of thinking. I think about those busy days when the kids were growing up. I think about the nursing job I had and all the worthwhile work I was doing, like saving people’s lives or making people’s lives better with the surgeries that we performed. I think about the conversations I had with my friends at work during coffee breaks or lunch. I think about the days when I could buy something new and not have to worry about the expense.

Thinking over the past twenty-five years or so, I realized something. I realized that all I had done was wish my life away – instead of appreciating the life I was living at the time.

So my advice to you is this:  Enjoy your life. Live in the moment. Learn how to take the bad with the good. And make wonderful memories. What they say is true:  “You don’t know what you’ve got until it is gone!”

QUOTE OF THE DAY:  “It is the working man who is the happy man.  It is the idle man who is the miserable man.”  ~ Benjamin Franklin



Happy 60th Birthday Mike



Today marks the passage

Of yet another year

In the life of my husband,

The man whom I hold dear.


Today he’s turning sixty,

So we must celebrate

The fact that I’m so happy

He was born upon this date.


He’s nice to everyone he meets;

He treats them all like friends.

He always thinks of others first,

And kindness he extends.


As a husband, he is wonderful.

I couldn’t ask for more.

He’s always there when I need him,

And he causes my heart to sore.


As a father, he’s the very best,

You couldn’t find a better dad.

If you ask our children, they will say

That a better dad could not be had.


And so, for lack of better words,

I would only like to say

To this wonderful man whom I love so much:

Happy 60th Birthday!





Written From My Heart

As we all know, it is probably the wish of every writer to write a book which will be read by millions of people, right? And since I am one of those writers, I am no different.book heart 100

I have always wanted to write the “great American novel.” As a matter of fact, did you know that there’s even a definition for the “great American novel?”

Oh, yes. I looked it up, and according to Wikipedia, the “Great American Novel” is defined as:  The concept of a novel that is distinguished in both craft and theme as being the most accurate representation of the spirit of the age in the United States at the time of its writing or in the time it is set. It is presumed to be written by an American author who is knowledgeable about the state, culture, and perspective of the common American citizen. The author uses the literary work to identify and exhibit the language used by the American people of the time and to capture the unique American experience, especially as it is perceived for the time. In historical terms, it is sometimes equated as being the American response to the national epic. 

Therefore, if you go by that description, it’s easy to see why a writer would want to write such a book.

Just think about what writing such a book would do for a person; namely: Fame and Fortune.

First, there’s the fame that goes along with such an achievement. As the author of this book, people would recognize you wherever you go. Crowds of adoring fans would gather, with everyone clamoring for your autograph on the book that you’ve written and that they have purchased. You’d probably be asked to appear on television programs like The Tonight Show, Good Morning America, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, or any of a number of other television programs, just to be interviewed about your bestselling book. As a matter of fact, these shows would probably be involved in a bidding war over who would be lucky enough to have you appear on their show.

And then there’s the fortune that comes with it. It only stands to reason that if you write a bestselling novel being purchased by millions of people that you are going to make a good deal of money from those sales, right? And all those television appearances – I wonder how much a person is compensated for making those appearances? I’m sure that it’s no small amount. And if those shows are in a bidding war, as I described above, then you would be compensated even more handsomely, right? And just think of how a person’s lifestyle would change after making all that money. A person could buy a bigger house, a more expensive car, etc. The possibilities are endless.

But I wonder . . . would a person truly be happy?

Perhaps someone else would be, but I don’t think I would. These two things – fame and fortune – have never mattered to me – ever. You can ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that this is true. I don’t care about having a big house or a brand new expensive car or any other luxury items and I never have. I happen to know that it’s not having “things” in life that make a person happy. And fame? I only care that the people whom I love and care for know me – my family and my friends. They’re the ones who matter to me, not the entire world.

Therefore, I’d much rather write a book that is meaningful, a worthwhile book that is studied and admired by a few, a book that I can be proud of. And if that book is studied and admired by people for decades, then that would be the best part of all. This means that I would be remembered for my work long after I am gone, and that is indeed something worth striving for.

So, you can have the fame and fortune. They are but fleeting commodities. I may never write “the great American novel,” but I will be happy doing what I do best, and that is writing from my heart.

QUOTE OF THE DAY:  “Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” ~ William Wordsworth






I Am . . .

daisy 2Typing words with my fingers on the keyboard of my laptop, I become Writer.

Making music with my fingers on the keyboard of my piano, I become Musician.

Darning my husband’s socks and preparing his supper, I become Wife.

Listening to my children and giving them advice, I become Mother.

Feeding my dog and taking her for a walk, I become Mistress.

Saying hello to the people next door and watching for strangers, I become Neighbor.

Being concerned for the poor and oppressed, I become Citizen of the World.

Doing all these things, I am simply just . . .  ME.


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A Writer’s Worst Enemy

writers-block-tipsThe most frustrating thing that can happen to a writer is when a writer gets writer’s block. To tell you the truth, I didn’t even want to type that word, because I can’t remember the last time that I had this dreaded condition, and I was a little afraid that if I even thought about it, then I might be tempting fate, and the next thing you know, I might come down with it! And we all know that having writer’s block is awful.

I truly cannot remember the last time I had this condition, thank heavens, but I do remember what it feels like. The words won’t come, no matter how hard you try. You sit and stare at a blank screen, willing your fingers to type the words, but nothing happens. Your mind is a total blank. And no matter how hard you try, not a single word comes to mind. Not a single thought, not a single idea goes through your head. It’s as though everything is disconnected. You feel as though you will never be able to write another word as long as you live. It’s very frustrating.

I do remember how I managed to get past it the last time I had it, though, because it’s the same thing I always do when I get writer’s block. I do anything else instead of writing. I will take a walk, go to a movie, go shopping, do some arts and crafts, do quilting, play the piano, etc. But I will always have a notebook with me because while I’m doing those things, an idea might come to me.

I wouldn’t wish this condition on my worst enemy of a writer (not that I have any). It’s terrible to have your creativity stifled.

And so now I think I’ve written enough about it, and I’m going to stop. I think I’ve tempted fate enough for one day.





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